ANU ENVIRO ENGINEERS LLP offers a wide range of filter housing with various standards and MOC. All filter housings manufactured and supplied by us goes through a stringent quality control tests. We also design filter housings as per client’s requirement. Our range of filter housing product includes :

Single Cartridge Housing

We offer a wide range of single Cartridge Housing is suitable for smaller process flows where a single filter cartridge is required. The high quality of S-Series housing range is supplied for smaller process flows where a single filter cartridge is required. We have a wide range of single cartridge filer housing suitable for various application. We provide housing as per various standards and for various pressure requirements in various MOC.

Multi Cartridge Housing

Our M Series is a range of light weight multi-cartridge housings suitable for general liquid and gas process applications. We offered a wide range of closure types and inlet and outlet connections. Our range multi filter housing includes

  • Dish end series – MD Series
  • Free Standing series – MF Series
  • High pressure Series – MP Series
  • High flow, Large Diameter filter – ML Series

Hygienic Filter Housing

Our Hygienic Filter Housing is Suitable for Special applications and are useful for Fine chemicals, Beverages industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Hygienic Filter Housing supplied by us will be having a high quality surface finish, suitable for liquid filtration. We also provide Hygienic Gas filter Housing for Gas filtration application.

Bag Filter Housing

We have a wide range of Bag filter Housing suitable for mini bags, free standing bags and Jumbo bags. Our bag filter housings are designed to suit almost all liquid separation applications. Our bag filter series are:

  • Single mini bag filter housing – BM Series
  • Multi mini bags filter housing – BX Series
  • Dish End Series – BD Series
  • Free Standing Single Bag Housing – BF Series
  • Free Standing Multi Bag Housing – BL Series

PP Housings

We offer and extensive range of plastic housings. Our range of PP housing is suitable to accommodate single or double 7 inch Filters. We also provide Poly propylene filters for standard 10 inch and 20 inch filters.

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